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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going third trimester

I am entering week 25 of pregnancy and starting to feel exhausted easily. Gaining another 7kg is not much compared to other preggers but it's more than what my body could contain with my total weight. My breath sounds like I am having marathon while in actual I just climb up 10 staircase.

I try not to whine but sometimes I slipped 'Penatnyer', especially when I lie down on my back for a while. This happen when I take my 5/10 min break for resting my back.

There's one day, that word ditambah dengan ayat 'Nak bawak perut pun tak larat'

Hubs dengan selamba menjawab 'Tinggal je la kalau tak larat'

and I give him this face...

He's laughing hard and I give him a pinch on his arm. Sabar jelah laki aku ni tau....

I supposed to post a picture of my baby bump but hardly taken any as I couldn't figure which position suits well. Plus, I don't look like a preggers in a glimpse. Naik train selalu tak dapat seat tau (ok. exaggerate. bukan selalu)

Baby is kicking even harder these days. Though sometimes it gives a shock but I somehow felt a relief that it's alive or sometimes I just take it as his/her reflections to what I said/did. Hubs still unlucky to feel the kick. He sometimes put down his hand and silently wait for it but the baby inside just to shy when daddy is around or probably the baby just being nice not to kick daddy. Nak jadi anak soleh/solehah yer? Amiiiin :)

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