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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mom & Baby Expo 2012

There's parenting expo in Midvalley and we make time for it to shop or at least start preparing baby stuff. Hubs already reminds me about making the checklist but I just simply take it easy by taking a pamphlet that have some baby checklist from Modernmum :P

..and it wasn't smart at all. I don't even bring the pamphlet to the expo. So what I do just wandering around looking here and there, starts figuring 'ha..ni. eh ni pon kne beli jugak'

Tak memasal dapat lecture free from Hubs =_=

I found the expo really an eye opener for myself on the baby stuff and aware of the prices. Should have done it earlier before coming. Tak memasal balik rumah kene did some research and come back tomorrow.

The first to do is registering myself at information counter (which at first I am not sure why) to redeem some goodies - at different counter. I keep on searching the booth to redeem the goodies but failed. Have to ask few people before saw the huge sign 'Today Publishing'. How the heck am I suppose to know that you can redeem the goodies there?? People keep on saying 'at the back. at the back' Grr.. Hangin. Should have put sign 'FREE GOODIES HERE!!'

Luckily, the goodies quite interesting.


Panty liner

3 sample diapers and storage bag

Modernmum voucher and Cocoa butter oil sample

Let see..sanitizer, baby powder, syampoo

If you are preggers, you could redeem yourself S-26 Mama milk powder (after filling some survey and your details). I notice that the trick in this expo is to answer some survey, give your details (name, IC, phone no) and they give you some sample. If's not a survey, it will be a page 'Like' at Facebook as what Pureen did. 

They'll provide a tablet, you login in to your account and 'Like' Pureen - which I didn't manage to do it cause forgot my FB password but the lady was so nice still giving me the sample, probably because I already wait for so long for my turn (my phone battery was flat, else could skip the waiting). So went home and 'Like' Pureen cause I really do (I'm an avid user. Bought baby wipes and it's baby powder for my own usage)

Susu yang tidak ketahuan bile nak minum and some baby care

Actually, I am eyeing breast pump for this expo. Specifically Medela Freestyle. I notice there's two booth selling Medela Freestyle which I saw one selling RM19++ and another one RM18++ but with different extra gift. For price RM19++, the extra gift they give is digital thermometer (which I surveyed cost around RM100), cash voucher RM200. But I am thinking getting the RM18++ cause it give the same thermometer and extra one thing which I dont remember. I don't think I need the voucher anyway. There's Medela Freestyle sold online that cost RM1350 with other small gift but without thermometer. Sounds better bought it online kan? But have to consider the warranty cause Hubs said it is US warranty.

Anyway, at the end we manage to buy ourselves MamyPoko diapers worth RM28 for new born - as per advised from Along. She said it was the best buy for any Baby Fair and we could save about RM6 compared to normal price. Took some baby wipes as well (RM10 for 2 pack of 80pieces) Quite a bargain ;)


Katernyer untuk pakai malam. 19 keping aje. Brape lame la tahan.

Gonna think it through again tonight and go back again tomorrow, early in the morning. Hubs and I were going through the baby checklist again and start writing what is necessary for our newborn. Thankfully we have some necessary advisor for these baby stuff. Hehe.

Tomorrow is going to be fun!!