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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daddy feels the kick

We were watching Petaling Street Warrior last night and lean down on our bed. As usual, I normally put on my hands on my belly and Hubs join in as well. Baby wasn't responding for a while until Hubs gave up resting his hands over me :P

Suddenly, the baby starts to move and I could feel it became more obvious. I took Hubs hands and let it be on the part where the baby kicks. Hubs suddenly looking at me and asking 'Did you just purposely did that?'

Pretend not knowing, I said 'No'

We continue watching but his hand lay still.

The baby kicks again.


I laughed :D

'Die kick ke? Wahh... betul ke ni?'

I let him enjoy the moment and he keeps on 'Wahh...Wooo...aktifnyer'

He starts explaining the kick he felt and excited about it until he spoils the moment when he started to feel frighten weird as it becomes more frequent.

'Macam dalam movie monster ade mende gerak2 dalam perut nak beranak. Ee..scary lah'

He then take off his hand and ran away.


True story.

1 comment :

Aan Andes said...

Haha true story. Aduh..imaginasi over :P