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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mekar picnic

Had our small picnic with our coursemates last few weeks at Taman Botani Putrajaya.

Hubs always be the Ketua Kelas who plan all these sort of thing. Me on the other hand gila kuasa assigning task to Mekarians :P

abaikan vote lake garden. overruled by majority sebab susah parking

..and to my surprise everyone take action on it. Haha.

It was sunny day and we did nothing except catching up. Oh...it feels like the old days, except with additional members to the family (spouses and babies)

Bapak budak. Bakal suami orang dukung anak orang. Bapak budak. Anak bapak.

I dont remember what's so funny :P

Ade surprise birthday juga :)

The last time we've done this sort of gathering was during SS open house last year. Hmm..lame dah tu - if Mekar kenduri doesn't count lah kan. It's not easy to get together as everyone have their own commitment these days but we tried our very best to hook up at times majority could attend (thanks to all the social network in the world!) 

We are small family during our Uni time as we only have less than 20 people all together. Thus making this event somehow successful everytime we had. 

So here's a toast for more get-together in the future!!

ps: In case you are wondering, Mekar is our course channel name on MIRC at uni days. Long story :P 

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orggilacinta said...

comelnye buuuulaaaat moooolattt moolat nye perut dieee.. barula dpt tgk...sungguh comeeeiiiii... geram mau gigit perut die..