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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Week 21

I am at 21 weeks pregnancy and just did my check up with Dr Seri last Thursday.

Honestly, I am a bit anxious during the check up. Hubs wasn't around - went Jakarta, plus I missed my check up last month which contributes to some insecurity about the baby. Supplements pun beli mane yang tau je.

Alhamdulillah, things went well with the doctors and of course the baby itself :)

Dr Seri is really a nice person. She's very warm and I am very comfortable with her. She asked a lot of questions as it was the first time we met. She notice that I haven't done my check up almost 2 months and that's quite some concern on her side as well.

She later asked whether I feel any baby movements but I hardly known either it's the baby kick or else. I told her I feel bubbles under my belly but don't understand if it's just a gas or what. Well then, she explains that it is the baby movements. Ahhh...and I smiled :)

We did scan and aww.. moments came. Dr Seri showed the baby's heart beat and the brain. Some angle here and there which I barely understood where it is it actually. Then she did the 4D scan I can see the baby's figure. Well, baby just too shy to show the face. Baby was facing it's back towards us and we could only saw it's back curling inside. Comel je. Very skinny and the bones was showing it's body. Dr Seri said right now the baby was developing the skin and later the muscles.

Facts that I barely understand.

Lame jugak scan kali ni as Dr Seri explains a lot on baby's development, the importance of detail scan, etc. I did asked the same questions on the necessity of taking maternal milk but she said all those was marketing. She had the same view like Dr Tan that I would over consume if I take those milk. All I need is inside the supplements she prescribes to me. She added Neurogain for my daily supplements - for the DHA, EPA etc.

I am really relieved for this time check-up. Knowing that the baby is fine and now the bubbles keep on coming, especially after lunch time :) It's even harder when it's evening but Hubs don't get the chance to feel the kick just yet. I sometimes makes fun of the kick like bumping my belly towards him and said 'Tengok, baby marah kick daddy upset mommy' :P whenever he did something silly.

Talking about belly, I just had to buy my maternity cloths last week. All my shirts and even most of my kurung wasn't comfortable for now. To my surprise, Hubs choose my maternity cloths during our shopping time. Even balik Jakarta pun beli maternity cloths jugak. Tu tak termasuk baby stuff lagi tapi tu biar dulu. Skarang focus kene lebih kepada ibunya yer :P

My favorites that Hubs choose ^_^

I gained total of 5kg since pregnant and hoping I don't over consumed myself by the time I deliver the baby. Dr Seri said my gain is still normal considering my weight when I start to pregnant. Still, it worries me much, afraid it will go too much for another 19 weeks. Nanti tak larat nak jalan bawak perut camno? Uh oh.... lindungilah diriku dari nafsu makan ni Ya Allah. 

Next check up scheduled on 10 May which I will have my blood sugar checked that time. Hopefully Hubs will be next to me that time :) Nanti boleh tgk aksi baby berenang2 :P


peah @ peps said...

wifey...i like ur purple outfit the other day...

The wife said...

tenkiu peah!!