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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Hoore Hoore

Salam persiaran dari Awana Kijal.


It was a last minute plan. Hubs found out he's going to Kerteh few days back and I have this thought of 'Why not I just follow you?'

Hubs never say no. Of course.

But I have these doubt where I might have don't enough leave when it close to delivery date. So I calculate.

'Tolak sini. Erm. Sebulan at least sekali. Then Phuket? Eh. Takpe. Tu blakang kire. Oh, bulan ni spare cuti for this..and that.'


So I did.

I told my bos yesterday and he's okay. (He is the nicest person in the office. Always smiles though he's currently taking 3 roles in his hand. Always laugh and make fun of things whenever thing didn't turns out well. He's the kind of bos that I would go lunch with and celebrate his birthday. Such an awesome bos)

We went right after work and Hubs driving, as always, since I am preggy. He would prefer to stop by and sleep while I am really capable of driving. At first, I would insist but as times goes by, I know he just wont give a chance. Not that I really wants to drive though. Haha.

I think I haven't drive for few months, not until last week because I have a training at Centrepoint. No choice. Wohoo! My driving skill is still there but my heart, my heart was pumping as hard as it's going to blow out whenever a car hit it's break in front of me. You knowlah traffic in peak hours. It's the kind of pressure that is not good for me. Bawak kerete pun nk tension. Apelah :P

Anyway, I somehow find a reason why Hubs not prefer Im driving.

We were talking all the way from KL till arrive. I was singing Sudirman song Hoore! Hoore! and can't stop smiling while packing up my stuff.

Mari kita mari kita
Bergembira tepuk tangan sama-sama
Kita menari sambil langkah kanan kiri
Goyang badan goyang kaki
Hoore hoore hip hip hoore
Hoore hoore hoore hoore
Hip hip hoore hoore hoore
That's how happy I am when I know we are going to the East Coast, plus knowing that I'll be meeting my parents by end of the weekend, just a perfect things to have after so long. The last time we went back was last December. Wuu..lameee.

It was 4 hours ++ journey, with few pit stop for my toilet break. My back was terribly in pain for the past few days, especially when I went home after work. Somehow, the trip reduce the pain that I have. Miracle! But I can't lie that my leg is numb after 3 hours in the car. 

Subhanallah. Sakit sungguh tapi what makes me survive is the feeling of knowing the reason of all this pain is for me to have my own child, which one of His greatest gift that I have in my life. Thus, I wont complain but be grateful for it. Eventually, it turns out a beautiful pain and I would sleep with it every night, hoping it will go away after I wake up. 

Alhamdulillah. It is.

Oh, lupe. Last check up was early Feb and we are surprise when suddenly Dr Tan amplified the baby's heart beat. It was so fast and sounds so loud. Thud! Thud! Amazing feeling. Alhamdulillah, the baby growth's fine. I loose few kilo's but I think I'll gain for the next check up. 

There was a funny moment when Dr Tan said 'The baby is fine. See it's more clearer this time. You can see the head (pointing) and here's the four fingers' and suddenly Hubs said 'How do you manage to count there's four?'

I was laughing and Dr Tan have to freeze the scan. Of course la tak berapa clear but Dr have sharp eyes kan :P then she shows the clearer image. At home, Hubs still amazed how she could quickly know there's four. Haha. Comel.


I am close to 4 months and my tummy is harder. I would say there's a bump but I am not sure is it just my fat or my baby. Macam awal je nk ade baby bump :P

Wah, ini entry sudah carca merba. Haha. I'm going to have my rest now. Hubs is away for his training and will be back in the evening. Today is cloudy but the weather is still nice. Sun is a bit shy but I'll catch up in the noon. Till then!

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