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Friday, February 3, 2012

Things happen for a reason (part 2)

Written on 19th December 2011

I was at my 6th weeks of pregnancy when this happen. I worried for things could go wrong and keep on crying at emergency room when thinking about it. I told Hubby 'Baby..' but he unexpectedly said 'Takpe. Tu boleh buat lain. Sayang tu dulu, ok?'


There was cartoon sticker on the wall where there's a rainbow, flying frogs and unicorns. All of them looks happy and it actually helps to feel better, despite the terrible pain.

..and still it reminds me of the baby again :(

I supposedly been injected with ATT (anti titanius toksiod) but due to the pregnancy, the Doctor advice I don't have to take it. Later we meet our Gynea and she was so shocked with the news.

Alhamdulillah, I didn't bleed and I don't feel any pain on my womb. She scanned the baby but we hardly see the embryo, just yet, and have to come back after two weeks. Hopefully it'll show up :)

God works in mysterious way. I think Allah gives this test to help me bed resting at home. Probably my womb is not strong enough, thus the MCs before Christmas holiday. All I have is 6 days of rest with no work to worry about. Maybe He wants the baby is strong enough in between these days before I start working back and ride on motorbike again.

Baby, we gonna be strong and both of us will fight till you come out healthy, okay :)

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