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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Breaking the news

Me and Hubs decided to wait for at least we passed the first trimester before announcing publicly that we are expecting a baby this year. But I unintentionally replied my friends mail regarding her engagement attendance by 'I'll come with +1+1'. It was suppose to mean Hubs and Angah which people who normally hang out with me lately knows that I always bring them two but to some who hardly met, they'll have questions of me being pregnant.

So I just keep quite and so does the email goes.

Not long after, we had a celebration of Maryam turns 1 at Midvalley and there was Hazirah and Shima who arrived early. Hazirah straight away asking 'Ain, jap. Ko dah berisi ke?' 

Shima was stunned and my head was thinking whether should I break the news.

Hazirah added 'Sebab dalam email ko tulis +1+1 tu. Curious aku'

So I smiled.

Shima suddenly voiced out 'Aku ingat ko tulis 1+1 tu means Abrak (Hubs) ngn Angah. Sebab selalu pun korang bertiga kan. Oh..mannn!!! Aaa..congrats wey!'

I dont prepared for the congratulatory and keep smiling while they are excited for the news. Stuttered I suppose. Later, me and Shima excused ourselves to look for Maryam's gift while waiting for others. More people starts to show up and when we came, all of us was there....and the story goes.

Zac suddenly break the conversation with the congratulations when she saw me arriving to the table and Raja was a bit late and probably missed the news. She paused everyone and said 'woo..woo..wait. Did I missed something? What's the congrats all about?'

Everyone was smiling and she looked at me.

'Ain..did you..? oh my? really? true??'

Things got pretty heat up over the news and they start asking is it boy or girl, how did I know found out, how does Hubs reaction, where am I going to deliver and etc.

As they were talking, I started to feel nervous about it and told them 'Oh man, now I'm nervous'

I opened up myself and somehow I feel glad that the news breaks in such a way. I noticed I have much more support that I need and Magh even wanted to share with me some of the doa during pregnancy that she had when she carried Maryam.

I told Hubby about it and we figured, maybe when more people know about it, the more doa will have, thus blessed my pregnancy even more. Despite the insecurity of all the bad things would happen in the first trimester, I think it's fine to told everyone about this and I hope with all your prayers, things will go smoother and I also do pray for all my friends will also been given with such blessing.

Therefore, from now on, I'll post some of the updates that I kept since I knew I was pregnant. So there might be some recap what's happening over the past few weeks. You might get confused but bear with me, it's just a few :)

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