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Friday, February 3, 2012

Allah Maha Mendengar

Wrote on 19 December 2011

I keep track my period using iPeriod apps and I am sure that it never wrong. If it's dated that I will get my period on 11th November, then I will get my menstrual that day. Alhamdulillah, since the Hysteroscopy my menstrual is easy to calculated and expected.

As usual, I was schedule to have another cycle on 11th December and I did, technically, as I have the brown stain - but that's it. No more after that. I wait till the third day and nothing. Not a single stain. My hope is always there and I pray so hard till I teared up everytime I wish for it but afraid of another late menstrual days.

I googled for the symtoms and found this.

1. Cramping

Ya Allah. It gets worst day after day. The article said that pregnancy cramp always mistakenly for menstrual cramp. I was wondering how it differ because any cramp happen down my belly is period cramp, kan?

2. Breast tenderness

Nope. I dont have any tenderness on my breast. Not even a pain.

3. Nausea

Nope. Hardly. I never puke. Percaya tak?

4. Bloating

Yes! Yes! I don't know where those gas coming from. I even force myself to fart or burp to feel better but it's not happening and I just have to bear it. It is so uncomfortable.

5. Contisipation of diarrhea 

I have this on my fourth day (from the day I suppose the get my menstrual) and I was thinking what food should I blame. Hmm..

6. Headache/Backache

Mende ni rase biasa la kan. Kalau stress kat kerja, peninglah. Kalau posisi duduk tak betul, sakit blakang lah kan. But I hardly stand up so long sebab nanti mesti rase lenguh belakang. I blame my weight. Haha.

7. Increase body temperature

I feel like having a fever through out the day after work but I suppose that I am tired or terkena hujan ke kan.

8. Vaginal discharge

A woman’s vaginal discharge can give her a clue as to where she is at in her menstrual cycle and whether or not she has conceived.

Tell me. How does this any different? I do feel wet down there - like it's ready for another full pads, but its not.

9. Mood swings

Eh. Ini normal. Tak yah tunggu pregnant pun. Haha.

10. Frequent trips to the bathroom

I drink a lot of water. I could finish my 1.6liter tumbler during office hour and I dont blame if I ever pregnant or not because of the water coming inside me. But! But! I hardly drink lately because I am so lazy to refill my tumbler. That makes a different because I keep on going to the toilet and keep having these two spoon of urine. Urgh. Tak tahan tu macam nak keluar sebaldi je :P


So when Hubby found out I already can solat on the third day, he was asking 'betul ke?' and positively saying 'kite tgk macam mane k. kalau ade rezeki, ade kan' :)

I wanted to wait after a week to do the pregnancy test but Hubs keeps trigger my curiosity last Saturday morning.

'Kalau tunggu Isnin nanti lambat nak book Gynea'

'Ok. I'm gonna sleep first (it's after Subuh) before we go breakfast and you just keep yourself je kalau sayang buat UPT k? I wont ask'

So I went to the toilet and do the test while he went sleeping. I wait for the line less than a minute and already know the result and go back inside the room but he dont even sleep and right away ask me the result. Well, it's only one line but I dont feel sad like always. Probably I already set my mind that I shouldn't be too hopeful.

Soon after, I forgot that I didn't shut the light off and went back to the toilet but I notice unusual line in my UPT.  I looked closely and blinking my eyes, afraid it lies. There's another line but slightly visible. I called Hubby to check and he's positively confirm I am not dreaming. Alhamdulillah, our hope is there.

After having a good breakfast, we went to clinic and it took so long to get the result. You knowlah tah ape procedure. Padahal same je UPT. Lolz. Hubby sampai sempat pegi beli tiket movie and while waiting him, the nurse called my name. Dr Fareikh analyze the result and saying 'Congratulations. You are pregnant'

I was almost teared up but cautiously saying 'Alhamdulillah. Macam tak percaya'. She smiled and calculate my estimated delivery date (EDD)

Keluar bilik Doc dengan two papers in hand. Hubby came back and saw me sitting at different place, asking 'Macam mane?' I was preparing my act with :( face but he immedietly saw the paper. 'Haaa..dah nampak' and quickly grab the paper. Alaa..tak sempat berlakon :P

We both are happy to annouce that we are expecting on August 2012 for this bundle of joy, InsyaAllah. Thank you for your prayers.

Glory be to Allah. Terima kasih atas kemurahanMu dan permudahkanlah perjalanan kali ini dengan redhaMu. Amin :)

ps: This post is written before I knew I was pregnant but purposely scheduled it at the end of the month.


Unknown said...

salam perkenalan..
congrates for da happy newa..take care..jgn buat kerja berat2..:))

orggilacinta said...

ain sayang...Alhamdulillah..congratessss!!!!! Mesti happy sgt2 kan..yeaaaa Melati akan ade adikkk... hurrayyy!!!!! Jaga kandungan baik2 tau... jgn lasak2, n don't even dare tu take any risk.. biarlah org nk kata kita mengada ka manja ape ke time pregnant ni, yg penting u all sendiri tau bkn senang nk dpt peluang yg Allah bg ni kan..so take care tau....

Unknown said...

Wahhh...tahniah nok!!!...jaga baik2 nok...