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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Paranoia and love

Written on 5th January 2011

I have brown spotting the other day. It started few days back but just a small discharge but I was quite shocked when I have (about) 1cm line of brown stain on my pantyliner the other day. I was shaking and started to think the worst. Quickly talk to Hubs and called PCMC to talk to my gynea.

She was in the middle of consultation and the nurse said she'll leave a message and will call me back. I wait for more than one hour and Hubs insist to call them back. After go back and fourth calling them, finally the assistant called me and asking about my condition. I explain to her that I have cramping but I still can hold on even it's getting harder. She told me that I should take rest and in case of my vaginal discharge turns red and I couldn't hold the cramping, then I should go straight to ER.

I suppose to have an appointment the next day at 12noon but she asked me to come early in the morning to have the ultrasound, making sure the baby is fine. I felt restless after went home just lie on bed trying to sleep.

The next day, we met Dr Tan and she do the ultrasound but the we still couldnt see the baby. She told me that there is a progress where my sac is expending. Last time it was 1cm and that day was 2++cm. I read that it is normal not to see the baby just yet at 7 weeks but I worried something could happen inside the sac as I have the abnormal discharge and cramping.

Therefore, the doctor suggested transvaginal ultrasound. She sound me the device and explain how it works. Told Hubby that I want to do it and he's okay with it. I think I am so paranoid at this moment.

Dr Tan did the transvaginal ultrasound and finally we can see the baby. She showed one image that blinking 'like twinkle twinkle little star' as what she said. She told us that is the heartbeat. Aw....

The black circle is my sac and there's the baby inside :D

Alhamdulillah..the baby is fine. It was about one cm inside my sac. Dr Tan gave me vitamins and another meds to strengthen my womb. She even gave me 2 days MC and Hubs said he also wants it too. Poor Hubs. He was running back and fourth to office, just to make sure I am fine.

I didn't saw Hubby reaction as I am focusing the screen without blinking and amaze that I have another life inside me. After went home I asked Hubby how he felt when he sees the heartbeat but knowing the man that I know, he is hardly show any emotion. It's like telling him I won 1million and I fall from 99floor. He'll show both flat face.

He asked how should he react and I told him 'like in the movielah'. He was laughing his ass off and hugged me. It was a funny conversation as movies do effect myself and Hubs is a realistic man. He don't believe anything that is illogical. Everything must have an explanation.

You know that preggers do crave sometimes? I am not sure if it's the pregnancy that brings me the crave of having apple juice in the middle of night and I told him the baby wants apple juice. He laughed and explain its not the baby, it's just me. Well I think he is right but meanwhile he is deciding to go out buying the drinks. I felt guilty for making him go out buying things for me but he still did anyway. Kissed me on the forehead and leave with a giggle. Aw..rase kesayangan :))

There are other things that he did that makes me love him even more, like cutting fruits for me, doing chores and other small little stuff but lets just keep it to ourselves, else you'll puked, especially close friends to Hubs. Haha.

Thank you so much dear. Je t'aime XOXO

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orggilacinta said...

the husband! please take care of 'the wife'!

n ape kata remove word verification ni supaya den senang sikit nak comment..hekhekhek..