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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Lake Garden

It has been forever since we had our morning walk. I think it all starts to change when you have more commitment. Thankfully, we HAVE to do it at least any of the weekend for our BIG thing this September. Will talk about it later.

So, coming back to the topic, our favorite place is Lake Garden. It's such a calming place for relaxing compared Titiwangsa. Oh..it's comparable to Taman Metropolitan but I like it here a lot better. We went here again this morning with Angah (she keeps nagging we need to exercise. bla bla. i love you, Angah. hehe)

They have tree house yo!

It's actually a perfect place for a family. They have amazing landscape and  beautiful gardens that are so spacious that you can choose anyplace to sit sebab semua tempat cantik! Each time both Hubby and I went here, they must have at least one family done some small party with balloons. So cute. There's a boathouse too but not sure if it's out of service or what.


Why playground always be so colorful? (envy)

Three of us keeps on imagining ourself bringing kids to the playground. All those small little creatures. They must be over excited with this place. Angah was dreaming saying 'Kalau bwk Ajit ni, Angah ckp 'Ha..duk sini. Kang lps sejam Mak Ngah dtg blk'' but Hubby said 'If only la sejam cukup kan. Skali die mintak sejam lg' Haha. Zahra wouldn't stop exploring this place like the time she did when we went out to the Fullhouse.

Head Bang!

Who has bigger mouth?

Oh..back to the exercise thingy. We actually just walk around the lake and have a stop by to see the fishes, tortoise, duck, goose, and erm..few others. Memang macam hutan kampung yang cantik. They provide tour services in a car ride. I think just a few ringgit je. Ade mini zoo kancil dan rusa...and a lot of stairs that you can climb up to build your stamina. I notice there's the tallest stairs over the hill and you'll see Tun Razak Memorial. 

We suspect it is mating season cause they keep banging each others head ><

Random scenary

There are some people who are cycling there as well. Ohh..we really love this place. We can spent time here for the whole day sebab sangat teduh and sooooo green. A must place to go for nature lover :)

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