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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Taman Botani

Have you been to Taman Botani? It such a breathtaking and gorgeous place tau! (Ala..pompan ni sume garden pon cantik) Betul! Tak tipu! The only difference that this garden has is they have canopy walk yaw. But both of us haven't get the chance to go for it cause it already closed by the time we come.

Canopy bridge. Kene bayar ni. Aih..sume pon kne byr.

From below. Not sure for how far this goes.

Ade restaurant.

Merasa la makan tepi tasik kan.

Takmo jalan. Nak duduk pun boleh.

Need to cycle but you dont have a bike? This place also provide bicycle rental for RM4 per hour and you have a lot of small hill to ride. Not a good thing for lazy biker like me as I have to keep up with Si Kurus yang suke bawak laju2! Garrr!! TBH, I was thinking to take two hours simply because satu jam mane ckup beb but I read somewhere and the blogger suggested to just take one hour dulu, later you'll know why. Even Hubby pon berlagak jugak nk amek two hours tp xpe, no harm that just pay for one hour dulu.

Register and sign some papers before pay

Choose your bike!

Basikal budak kecik pun ada tau

Kalau ade bakul da bleh buat scene korea :P

Ada baby? Boleh bike jugak! (si rempit dan baby beso nk duduk blakang)

It has been years since my last bicycle riding (kat gym tak kire eh) and to have actually cycle around this huge garden was not a challenge at all!! but that's only for the first 10 minutes (boooooo!!) We are unsure which way to go and end up starting going up, and up, and up the hills. Later on, I began dragging the bike after give up forcing myself to get up to those small hills and hunches (konon lg tinggi lg cantik la view). 

Feeling exausted, I look at my watch and it's just half an hour! Arrrr!!! Ok. Take a deep breath and be calm. Luckily we manage to find flat trails (big yeay!) and start having slow speed. Ahh...time to enjoy the scenery. Btwy, I tried to do a stunt where you let go both your hands and let the bike rides on it's own. (Well, basically you control using your body and pedal, get it?) but the rough surface makes it hard to do it (or it's me who lost the ability or I'm getting fat). It's so much easier to do it when I was a child.

Si kurus cycling. Tengok! Laju tinggal ktorg.

Flat trails but bumpy ride

Oh..I forgot to mention that they have Moroccan architecture (I dont know out of many things, why Moroccan? Maybe diplomatic reason kot) but it's still under construction. They are doing some modification to the building and we can see the craftsmanship they made on the wall. True beauty and impressive (and Hubby spoil the feeling when he mention 'tah..tah..die pakai acuan je')

A replica of Moroccan


Nak kata muzium pun bukan.

I would imagine they have a lot more to show to public when they finish the whole architecture. Maybe some fascinating interior from the country perhaps. Anyway, we went home straight away since it's almost noon. Sun doesn't do any mercy to this fair skin (eceh) and our butt was aching due to hard seats (I wish they have cushion on top of the seats) . The next day, all of us went to the office (three of us ride motorcycle) with pain in the ass. Great.

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