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Saturday, June 11, 2011


We LOVE beaches SO MUCH!!! Ok. sape yg tak suke sile klik tanda pangkah kat hujung kanan atas browser :P

We took pictures for every beaches that we went and I think we need to create one album just for the beaches ONLY! My photo album have so many pictures of sands, sea, rocks, coconut tree which actually it all the same - the only difference is the place.
Since we went back to Besut, so Hubby took me to Pantai Bukit Keluwang and it was so pretty!! It is a beach that is next to a hill. It was my first experience to see such close contact between sea and hills. Subhanallah. Sangat Cantik.

Pantai Bukit Keluwang

Such a breath taking view

Dare to go up?


Garr...nmpk laut trus rase nk mandi. Nak2 bile tgk ade orang mandi and the water was so crystal clear!! and it's crazy hot too. I even bring my umbrella cause it's too sunny and I didnt wear any cream on my face - not good, not good. Yea. I am known as puteri payung (small letter cukup) since uni time. I bring umbrella everywhere I go - even 5 minutes walking to the class (Tronoh panas ok) Funny thing was, the wind was so strong till it blew off my umbrella. Yea. Everyone who notice was laughing.

The hill and the sea

Air jernih

Some park and even some food stalls for you

It's a good place for a nice evening walk and picnic but the place was poorly maintained. I mean the bridge was not safe to use (kayu patah here and there), the path away and the cleanliness wasn't as good as I can take it. You know the can-do attitude that our culture has. The only thing was nice is the sea. See the picture? I only show you the cantik one. Yang buruk ade tp da delete. Cemar photo album je. Hehe.

There's another place we went but we dont know the name. It was somewhere Rantau Abang and they have this huge rock located next to shores. It's not an official beach I think cause you knowlah they have shores all the way from Kelantan to Terengganu and Pahang.

Some family having a picnic

Huge rock

From the top

We stop by on our way back to Kuantan and didnt realize we spent almost an hour just sitting there. They provide a toilet that you can use for bath but they charge for RM1 per shower and 30cent per toilet use. The most expensive price I've ever seen for having a shower. But! But, the toilet was the cleanest toilet I ever seen! Memang sangat sangat bersih. So mcm tak kecik ati la nk bayar :)



I might have swim there if not because we are rushing back to Kuantan and have to go to KL at the same day. Hubby have to drag me to the car cause we spent time too long there. It was a beautiful day by the way. Too peaceful that I forget we have a long journey to go :P

There's a plan where we wanted to buy a house somewhere near the shores (logically speaking at Terengganu but wish to get some place in island) and settle down there. Quit our job and open chalet. Kaching!! Ha..rase2 bnyk tak nk kne invest tu? Haha. But TBH, that's an ultimate dream for us. InsyaAllah.. tengok la in YEARS to come (aminn..)

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