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Thursday, July 8, 2010

It's one year!

Future bride nk jugak wish :P

We had a very good anniversary celebration last night. Mr Fiancee surprised me with the colorful of lights and flower. Eh, ade lollipop okay! Cute ><

Sep bek pakai baju kurung, else mmg da lompat the moment kluar krete :P

Despite several (ehem. tak sebut bnyk :P) series of unfortunate events, we manage to go through the nights till end. Nk tdo pon teringat2 lg. We went to I-City, enough said. The name tells it all. I've been planning to go here but tak pernah tersebut to him. Well, maybe once when the first time I know about this place, but thats it. The place is so amazing. With only simple idea, it can make a such a big impression.

We walk every corner of the city with my unofficial tour guide aka butler sbb ini perempuan jadi princess okay mlm td, provided the constraint - ceh. xde full authorization neh. Btwy Mr. Fiancee, if only Im wearing pants, I would walk inside my castle and pretend bwk sleigh tu okay~

Ouh..thank you so much love for a wonderful day ^__^


abrak said...

Butler report in Your Highness.

The wife said...

Mane saye punyer sleigh?