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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

27 July 2010

Megasale finally here and we managed to do our shopping but end up buying none. Haha! But...but... we already finalized things to buy since da tgk sane sini, pilih tu pilih ni, and tak mo dah carik lg. I guess everything just the same, except your preferences je.

Mari checklist lg ape yg da decide:
- His shirt and slack
- His belt and wallet
- His shoes

Sume barang die. Haha. Ala..my stuff ape je. Ok2. Left things to decide:
- His watch
- Her watch
- Her purse/handbag

All electronic stuff (TV/Wii/PS3) beli lepas kahwin. Susah sangat nk decide kn. Lgpun we can decide later on after we moved in.

Meja Guest Book pon da decide. We just buy colored paper and cut it to butterfly pieces. Tempek kat dinding camni. Idea yg menarik. Mr. Fiancee pon agree. Save space and cost rather than nk beli frame (ini idea perempuan ini la) and gantung plak. Kertas kene cari. Im thinking beli 1 bundle A4 colored paper tu tp nk kerat2 tuh. Aduh..kne rajinkan diri. Eh..chop. Mr.Fiancee kan creatif. Die buat kije halus tau. Aci tak mntk die buat? Heheee!

Misi Nilai 3 pon da accomplished! We managed to get:
- bunga manggar
- VIP doorgift (mug)
- wrapper and ribbons to wrap the mug
- paperbag for nikah
- bunga rozette

Card da siap! Cepat kan. I think I hold it first till middle puasa bru bagi. Tak pun lepas raya or the week of my wedding. Turns out tak payah letak ribbon dah. It's already nice to see. Tambah ribbon yg ngelip2 tu kang lg srabut :P

Anything that I missed out? Oh..yes. Pictures! Mr Fiancee??


abrak said...

Dear, tak payah bli paper tu. I already have a bundle. Banyak gile semua kaler, kertas pon cantik2 ;)

The wife said...

haa..ketas da ade ngn dear, dear tlg potongkan aci?