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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

21 July 2010

We finally found my bracelet and damn gold is getting expensive! Haha! Its true though. Last time when we buy for our cincin merisik, the gold for 916 is RM138 or something but today is RM145 per gram! I bet its gonna be higher this coming raya.

Scratch one thing!

Poor his ring. My budget da lari so I have to KIV this first (bleh eh dear?xmo scratch dulu)

Its hard to be in the budget when you have people who keep on buying things that out of your plan. You know.. :P Its not they ask you to pay, but still - its your wedding kan. Haiyoh!

Ok. Back to our prep! Mr. Fiancee already found his wallet and belt. Two things settled before we gonna buy it during Megasale.

My ex-roommate will buy our Iphone in Singapore, therefore, no need for us to go there - cut cost! Like! Like!

Turns out lollipop is reduced from 300 to 250 sebab salah tulis dalam invoice and luckily Umie said tak yah la tambah. 300 takut bnyk sangat. Ok! No problemmo!

Doorgift adult which is cake da almost settled but I dont like the ribbon so I have to think of something to make it cuter. Haha! It's all about the looks isn't?

Doorgift during nikah pon da settel. Yasin da tempah. Box for kurma pon dah. Kurma je blom beli. Puasa nnt bru beli okay. Paperbag beli kat Nilai this weekand.

Mak Ndak will settle for hantaran deco and I choose to be purple - konon close to pink lah. I tought nk buat pelamin garden color (green/white or white only) but tak naik la plak. So purple it goes.

Turns out, Linda will design our bunting and she showed me her draft yesterday and I like it!! Ouh..tak sabar tunggu siap. I dont like LH design so have to let it go and just ask them to print it for us ;)

Kad kahwin pun da confirm. Collect on 28th July and nnt Mr. Fiancee kne help me ikat the ribbon sbb ini perempuan sangat la tidak kreatif. Ikat ribbon pon xpandai. Eip. bukan tak pandai. tak cantik je :P

Wah..almost done! Tinggal borang which is nk tunggu my side sbb the validity for kebenaran kahwin at Pahang is 1month so kne tunggu August bru start. Wuu..takut je.

And my good friend will getting married this Saturday. Feel sad but at the same time too happy for her. Weekand ni bnyk kije and too many things to settle for our doorgift/DIY stuff/barang2 kahwin (bunga manggar etc)

Da list out. Tunggu beli je. Fuh. Fuh. Cepat weekand!

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