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Sunday, July 11, 2010

11 July 2010

I dont know how to start writing updates on our outfit for his side yesterday. Senang crita, da setel and we can slash that one. We choose (not we, the tailor suggested) silver as it match with the lace that I bought during our engagement dulu - to pleased me and Umi. I get my baju nikah and Umi gets the-other-color-than-white during Majlis Menyambut Menantu. But I think Umi would prefer THE color, silver is not a color - tak ckup menarik I guess. Hmm..

We have troubles find the right chiffon and satin for the lace. We went to K.A Mohamad Sharif to buy it but when we show it to the tailor, the combination obviously wrong! Honestly, at first, the tailor didnt help much - she didnt suggest what design should the baju be, she dont even know what color suits the lace! Tak tau la if Im the one who should know what I want but I am the customer who expect that she could help me with such thing. Pastu, si customer ni xtau which color yang sesuai, customer ni jugak yg g cari kain. Dah la salah. Lagi naik angin.

Ble da beli, tunjuk ngn die, I said 'kat kedai nmpk da match da. bwk sini nmpk lain pulak' Pastu bru she mention its because of the lighting sgala. 'Kedai slalu buat kaler kuning, kne g tempat cerah baru nmpk the right color' I was like 'Td xnk ckp!'

Haish..luckily we manage to get the right lace at the second time. Tu pun struggle jugak. Budak kat Kamdar tu tak helpful btul. At last, me and Umi jugak yang kne cari sndri and luckily we found one tp mahal gile and the other salesman help us looking for lower price than that one with the same color yang mahal tu.

See what I mean? Both pictures are the same, just the upper one is without lighting.

Oh..secara tak sengaja da reveal the color. Huhu. Satin tu would be the base, and the chiffon will be used for my kain. So for his baju melayu, we will change with baju nikah that we take from Amy. Thank God Amy agree to swipe the white baju melayu with silver one. So Mr. Fiancee will wear his baju nikah that he send for tailoring and wear the silver baju melayu from Amy.

I think, Amy really helping me yesterday. I tell him how I feel, the conflict here and there. He's really comforting. At times when I talk to him, duk tahan air mata je. Thank God it settled on the day itself.

Bunga pahar da tunjuk kat Umi and she agreed. Hm..what else, our OP charge mcm mahal, at least thats what I think, and I think I try to check the photographer at Kompleks Teruntum plak. The pictures display at the kedai seems ok for me. Nnt nk tnyer. Kne g decide lg. Aish..

Plan nk g tgk kedai photography tu tp rse malas. Nk kne bg excuse ke. Nnt mesti kne marah ngn Mr. Fiancee. Suke tangguh2. Da la smalam da tau nk tgk, xamek no phone. Mmg kne marah ni. Aish..upset ngn diri sndri. Ok. Force myself pegi kedai tu. Till later!

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