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Thursday, July 8, 2010

8 July 2010

I found my perfume!!

Hari ni nak g beli with Mr. Fiancee and at the same time maybe search for his as well. Fuh, hilang satu hassle nk cari barang hantaran. I guess for us, to find the items for our hantaran is such difficulties. Last time we went to find his belt and wallet tp tak jmpe jugak yg berkenan, kan dear? Maybe we both are too picky. Hey, susah tau nk cari things that you really like in hope you'll use it and love it. Furthermore when you buy it for your love one.

Umi da agree for lollipop! Yeay! We'll have a visit to the warehouse next week. Pastu plan nk g Singapore kne discuss later sbb dear pon xbuat passport lg.

To be done this week since Im home are:
- meeting Amy to discuss about pelamin, when to start fitting our outfit, discuss about making a new baju nikah (which I hope Umi would stick to my choice or Amy can do it the same as what I want). Oh..and discuss about changing my so called baju potong kek which I really dont want to wear that and change it with another outfit for his side. Amek kaler2 la bak kate Umi ;) (maybe kne bring my laptop to show her kind of pelamin that I want)

- discuss deco hantaran ngn Mak Ndak sbb nk g Nilai after wedding Linda to look for adult doorgift and if necessary, I would buy stuff for deco hantaran.

Btwy, Umie da look for surah Yaasin to be given during nikah and I just found out the VIP doorgift will be given during nikah as well, which means during reception ade adult doorgift and kids candies je. Herm..camne tuh? Tgk la camne. I kinda agree jugak that idea but cam pelik plak xde VIP gift during reception. Maybe if ade lbeh bru bg to yg btul2 VIP kot.

What else ek, video tu, after discuss with Umi, it makes me think twice la pulak nk amek. So as for now we stick to only photographer which our friend (Romeo) will be our OP and the story book will be done by both of us ;)

Eh, update terpenting rumah sewa da jumpe!! Thanks to Mr. Fiancee for finding it (hugs)


Thank you so much Tuhan ^__^

1 comment :

abrak said...

Alhamdulillah ^___^

Seems like every time things settled, it settled in lump sum. :)