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Monday, August 2, 2010

2 August 2010

OMG! Da august?! Next month je lagi. I think Im going be bridezilla when the days are closer and I guess all b2b pon mcm tu. I have a discussion with Umie last night and realized bnyk small2 things nk kne buat when the big day arrived. Like pot-pori/bunga rampai tu be include with yaasin and kurma la, candy nk taruk dlm mug VIP la, guest book tu pon xbuat lg. Eee!

And the major thing blom decide which is photographer! Aaa! Da rse serabut. Huhu.

Alhamdulillah da berjaya beli his wallet, belt and shirt. Fuh~ Setel one thing and found my wedding shoes! The exact shoes that I want. Scratch itu semua ^__^

 Sneak peak :)

Just found out I need must buy handbag which I prefer not to sebab his mom said 'Kasut must go with handbag. EOD' Haha. Aiya..need help on this because I hardly use handbag. I bought a lot last time but hardly wear one. Skarang interest for handbag da xde. So kne jadi noob balik. Haha.

Ok. Enough ramblings. Mari layan ini pictures:

 The idea is to give the lollipop and the cute teddy. Ouh..ini la lollipop yg dkat Silver Elegance tu. Auntie tu said that since last month ramai b2b datang order lolli kat situ. I guess berkat si Huda la ni ;)

There's a lot of options if you come here. TOO MANY! Mr. Fiancee ttbe mencurah2 idea when he went inside this show room. Candy ni bleh opt letak dkat candy buffet or meja guess for center piece, other than tu put flowers. Cute jugak ;)

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