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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Solid food for Rauhah

So many recipe out there!! Just google and you'll found tonnssss!!

Mine was either:
1) porridge + chicken + pumpkin/carrot/spinach
2) olive oil + onions + chicken + rice

Pumpkin porridge, Chicken and carrot porridge and pear

Not creative at all, kan? HAHA.

I've tried several like:
1) potato and cheese
2) fish soup and rice
3) olive oil + onions + oat
4) yogurt
5) avocado with/out EBM

but my baby wasn't eat as much as she eats the above two. I notice she prefer whatever with rice and soupy. On her earlier days of solid food intro, I added EBM in her food but she totally hates it.

Had her dragon druit

Super loves fruits and she could eat half of mango on her own. Other fruits that I've tried is banana, papaya and dragon fruit. She ate apple and pear but I have to cook and blend it to make it smooth.

Her mom's lazy food

Her cheat food are Rusks or Heinz biscotti (organic. Choc flavor only once a while) but since her teeth is coming out, I gave her Heinz teething rusks for her to rub her gum. I had gave her the ready made food but it's not her favorite - probably because the combination of apple/blueberry is to sour for her.

Cucumber for teether

So far, she's an easy baby. I could say she's not picky in terms of food. I notice she have this habit of cleaning her mouth at the back of her hands whenever it's dirty and would stay put during eating when she's enjoying her meal. By the time she starts going somewhere else, it means she's full and ready to continue messing around.

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