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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

10 months Rauhah

She had her magical steps yesterday!!

First step without falling and still standing for second step. Moment macam ni memang bikin Ibu nangis ah ;) She can now walk when we hold her hands, even it only last for (at most) 5/6 steps. Ee.. xlama lg nk jadi toddler dahhhhh!

Loves to show her forefinger for anything.

Akal makin banyak. She absorbs well whenever we teach her things like showing fan/ceiling or saying things outloud. Banyak bunyi 'cat' 'ttuk' 'takk' and if we are lucky we might hear two syllabus. The other day her Mak Ngah teach her 'motor' and said 'toto' Haha.

Makan pon xde masalah. No signs of picky eater (yet and hope not). She still sleeps at the same routine - once in the morning at once during/after lunch time. Bedtime still somewhere around 8pm but those will changes when she had her playmate or we went out from home.

Here's the youngest degree holder in the house!

I'll share you the over excitement when she had her new toys later. Till then ;)

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