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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rauhah and potty taining

Anak orang lain pergi taska, anak aku rilek 4tahun kat rumah je, aku ok,

Anak orang lain dah boleh baca, anak aku ABC pun tonggang langgang, pun aku ok.

Anak orang lain dah boleh bwk kreta, anak aku naik basikal pun tayar 4 lg, aku masih ok.

Tapi peer pressure pulak bab potty training ni. Bab ni aku kalah. Haha.

We tried so many tricks nk suruh Rauhah diaper free but she seems couldnt let it go. Dah macam sebati pun ada, Well, I on the other hand tak btul2 serius bab potty training ni. We almost succeed right before nk beranakkan Aqil and then the next time we tried and tried, sume fail.

So her closest friend, Amani dah diaper free. She is at the same age with her, 2 days different je, She had loong leave her diapers but on off sebab tiru her baby brother yg 7months tu. Lol but anyway nak cerita that we bribe so many things that she like to make her off from her diapers but no avail.

Until one day me and Husband talked about Amani new bike. It is pink and purple. Rauhah heard our conversation and join as well:

Rauhah: Man (Amani) ade new bike. Awah takde. (sad face here)

Me: Man dapat new bike sebab Man dah x pakai pempes dah.

Rauhah: Man pakai pempes. Awah see. (She saw few times Amani was on diaper, so that dont consider x pakai for her. Haha)

Husband: Ye ke? tapi Abi tengok semalam Man x pakai pempes dah..sebab tu Daddy die beli bike baru,

Rauhah: Awah takde new bike. Awah sad.

Husband: Rauhah nak new bike ke?

Rauhah: Nak! (happy face)

Husband: Rauhah nk kaler ape?

Rauhah: Blue! (excited)

Husband: Rauhah x pakai pempes baru Abi beli new blue bike. Ok?

Rauhah: (on silent and think hard) Awah nak pempes. Awah nak bike yucky (referring to her old bike)

Me and Husband laugh silently and try persuading again tapi she still love her diapers more than getting new bike. Haha, Rase dah ultimate nk bribe new bike tapi tak dapat jugak. We'll see lah Rauhah. You wont be on diapers forever, that's for sure tapi kalau lg cepat lg bagus, Pempes mahal la :P


Dils said...

LOL. We have the same dialogue but about learning his ABCs. We tried to bribe him with Ipad and he was like " tadek ipad pon takpe..." Then I asked him taknak pandai ke and he is like" taknak pandai. Nak main je" BOYS!

I think kenkadang each kid milestone is different kan. Aziz pon susah gak nak diaper free awal2 tu, then he suddenly doesn't want it. Buying him superhero underwears helps too I guess.

The wife said...

I think they subconsciously know that they can but they saje je. Smart kids!

Rauhah wants Dora! My God! Mane I nk carii! Haha. Nasib baik easy je pujuk bg pink and ribbon. Lepasss :P