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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Killer Soft Bread

I stumble on this recipe in my insta. Didnt know that it was so viral that everybody already into it. Haha.

Angah kata mcm mushroom -.-"

I learn this from ig@nurpian and she kinda gives few tips on the dough. She was right that handling dough is very tricky and it might differ from one another.

I dont have proper loaf pan. I dont even know if the one that I use is loaf pan since it is short that...well you can tell it by the shape of my bread. Hehe.


250g high protein flour
3g instant dry yeast
180g - 1 egg mix with full cream milk (I use powdered milk instead and use 170g the combination)
30g sugar
2g salt
30g butter

I dump everything in KA and end up kneading my dough for half hour before I get the window pane stage in medium speed (6 in KA) and had to poof over a night at the first time and 5 hours the next time I did it. It only one time proofing, senang kerja kan. Yeast pun guna sikit je.

It is enough to just bake at 30min at 170degrees sebab I dont like the crust to be too thick like the one in the picture. Husband said the crust normal je kalau baked 45min but me dont like it the color of it. Lgpun I am too lazy to cover the dough while proofing sebab I let it rise dalam oven je. Maybe sebab tu jugak the crust jadi mcm tu.

Both my bread turns out soft but not too soft like the other recipe that I tried today (I'll post later). It is good for replacing the store brought (gardenia) bread and I might using this again if I am out of bread next time.

It perfectly great to pair this bread with my leek soup and/or meat curry. I toast it too and it was crunchy - like the kind of bread you had at kopitiam. This is my first time I ever repeat the same bread recipe and it wasnt disappointment. Definitely a keeper!

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