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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fool Proof Recipe: Soft Milk Bread

Roti paung je ni ekceli tapi I love the texture and the taste. Aku xtau nape few roti paung recipe that I tried tak jadi mcm version ni. They are not soft enough and will turns hard when it is cold.


275g high protein flour
45g sugar
25g milk powder
10g dry yeast
3g salt
25g butter
140ml milk
1 egg

1. Dump everything in KA
2. Knead for 15min on medium speed until elastic
3. Put oil on hand as it is sticky and let it rise until double it's size.
    Mine was proofed in less than an hour.
4. Punch to release the air and divide evenly according to your preferences.
    Mine was divided into 12 balls.
5. Let it rise again until double.
    Mine was less than half hour.
6. Baked for 25min at 170degrees.

This bread - Super duper soft that last longer than any other version that I ever tried! It reminds me of shop bought potato bread. Kiddos love having this alone while watching TV. Me on the other hand enjoying this with KopiO. Dap ohh!

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