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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Self Ramblings - Missing the other half

Hub is away for a few days and he exported (as what his bos named it) us to my moms. This is the time to reflect how I actually missed him so dearly - a feeling that i haven't taste for so long.

I had a good time browsing through my 500G hard drives full with pictures and videos. I looked those photos that we took since we hooked up and build our life together. That includes photos to all the places we went together - holidays and adventures.

I feel so amazed on how small little things that actually gives a lot meaning back then, like a photo of our empty home or my screwed home cooked or a vid of him having a headache over chinese manual instruction of tv shelves.

Every photo and vid has its own memories and stories. I'm so glad we had it captured and even more blessed that I remember (almost) all those moments.

Unlike any other day for the past three days, I had a very beautiful feeling, despite missing the other half 300km away.

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