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Sunday, October 27, 2013

1 year and 2 months Rauhah

She loves this book so much that I lost count how many times I've read it for the day. I could even read this with my eyes closed as when she brings the book while I'm sleeping. It probably because of it's bright color and quite easy to flip it through for her small fingers.

Like any other normal day, she brings the book to Husband. As he's turning the page of 'Up' and saying out loud, Rauhah suddenly said 'Down'


It was very clear that Husband and I awed so happily - jumping and hugging each other. Wow..this is what parenting could do to you. A tiny little things could brings

We practiced clapping hands whenever she achieved good things like eating her meals or raising hands when we called her name - just to give her motivation :)

This is when I starting to realize 'Teach your baby as early as you can because they absorbs like a sponge. You never know how they surprise you'

ps: There's also another time when she asked me to fixed her broken rattle 'Bu, bekki' (Ibu, baiki). Ganu tak anak aku. Mane die tau bekki tahnye.

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