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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Living in Kerteh

Moving here was definitely put a new meaning of life. No more chaos and definitely more peaceful than the city. Love the fact that we are closer to both our parents (Besut and Kuantan) and we already had our landed house here.

Anyhow, the thing is I am glad that Rauhah is so carefree living here, the way that I want her to be raised. Since she's already start walking, she surely need a place for outdoors.

Entah sape punye beskal =_=
Syukur juga punya neighbors yang cakna :) - tahap jerit dari pintu je kalau nampak kelibat. We managed to join a gathering/potluck during Raya the other day. It's a very small community and plus with FB group and Whatsapp, makes all the connections so easy.

I would be lying if I didnt miss KL. I missed the daily chaos when I'm working, missed the moment that I spend with my girlfriends at any time that I want, and missed the you-name-it shopping malls but above all, this decision truly overruled everything that I have before. I don't see this coming so soon but what else should I be grateful when Allah already grants my wish sooner than I expect.

Alhamdulillah :)

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