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Tuesday, July 17, 2012


People who knows me, knows that I don't fancy cold drinks. I prefer to have warm water whenever I go, or even bring my own tumbler whenever I go out with my friends.

But, I am not sure, is it the hot weather or this pregnancy that makes me crave for cold drinks with (lots) ice. I even have this bad habit where I munch the ice till my glass is empty. Before pregnant, I hardly make any ice cubes at our house. Hubs the only one who drinks the cold water and he's the only person who responsible for any cold drinks in the house. So when this bad habit starts to kick in, I never fail to have ice cubes inside my freezer.

Hubs started to give that 'Don't' face whenever I wanted to have my ice-time but he's far away to stick with me 24 hours. When no one is looking, I go to the freezer, take up the ice cube and munch. It feels like a kid having candy moment. I am literally like - ahhh... so good.

I hope this is just temporary because I read and have (lots of) advice that it is no good to munch an ice. Kan? Poor my teeth. Talked to my doc but she said probably hormones. I hope she's right :|

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