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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fasting and Pregnancy

It's Ramadhan! The first day wasn't good because the night before:

1) Went out for dinner after maghrib and back home at 10pm. Solat isya' and terawikh, lie down a bit and went out again for movie.

2) Went for Dark Night at 12.30am and reach home almost 4.30am. Watch it at IOI mall which we have to tour from back and forth, looking entrance to our car park because we entered at the old wing and walk out from movie at the new wing. Dah la tak jumpa lift. Imagine I have to go up and down stepping up the escalator. Dugaan betul. Benci IOI.

3) My feet had water retention so bad that I can't fit into my sandals. It was so sore macam kene pam. Not painful but uncomfortable. This is the worst I had so far. Body was so tired that I wake up at 5.45am. There goes our sahur.

4) Wake up around 8am feeling super hungry!! Haha. Force myself back to sleep again and wake up again at 11am. Laundry, cleaning up the kitchen and iron Hubs working cloths. That's it. No folding up the cloths nor sweeping/mopping the floor.

5) Cook? Nay, gonna pass. Will go for Bazaar Ramadhan this evening. Was thinking having Nasi Kerabu. Whoo~


Baby should be more active when you are fasting. Mine was kicking a lot during daylight. Super active. Me other hand, feels like lying down the whole day. Semput jugak bile time die summersault inside. Adui.. Fasting doesn't mean less trip to the toilet. Mine same as normal days. Subhanallah, such a magical to think what He had done to our body. Tak minum tapi kencing same je macam minum air. Tak makan satu hari tapi baby lagi aktif. Rase amazing dengan kuasaNya.

I am hoping that I can bare this fasting month as this little mujahidah is coming out less than 3 weeks. Probably earlier like most people said. Some advice from Dr Seri for preggers is to have a lot of dates during sahur as it release the sugar that our body needs slowly, which will maintain the energy through out the day. 

Other than that is better to take the supplements (Pramilet, Fish Oil and Calcium) at night, after berbuka. I thought by taking the supplements during Sahur is better because it can gives you the nutrients that you need and supply the energy during daylight but tetttt! wrong! She said the supplements actually makes you crave to eat more and will make you feel hungry faster than usual. Thus, taking it after breaking the fast is better for the side effect to kick in at night. So tak de la rse fighting over your hungry mase puasa kan. Plus, with the dates that you consume during sahur is enough to supply the necessary benefit for you and your baby.

Oh, and she advice to eat a lot during Sahur. Agree sebab the last time I tried, I can't skip my Sahur, nor just eating 2 slice of bread and 3 dates. I need to add either cereal or eating nasi. Ha.. confirm tak rase pape till evening. Walaupun semalam tak sahur tp makan adalah non-stop (Pagi nasik lemak, lunch nasik, petang ade tea time makan satay, dinner pulak lagi, movie makan pop corn. So sumber tenaga tak putus disitu. Haha. Plus, Separuh hari ni spent with sleeping. Memang kurus pahala hari first ni)

What else..hospital bag? Done! Hoo yah! Thanks to Magh advice that PCMC will provide cloths for mommy, thus just need my cloth to go back home. Baby cloth pun dah pack. 

Thanks to this blog for reference :)

I just have some concern on 'What if I don't have my milk as luxurious as other moms?' 'What would my baby have then?' 'Do I need to prepare the powdered milk?' but as Magh said 'Yakin dengan keupayaan kopek sendiri' Haha. Baheklah Magh! I try!!! She said there will be a lactation consultant will come and gives the advice after delivery. Ahh, that would be really helpful. 

Technically, we are good to go! Spiritually? Alhamdulillah, nothing major worries, just all excited to deliver this miracle inside :))

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