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Monday, February 28, 2011


Wishes comes true - but in a dramatic way :P

See how it turns from hideous look to perfect shape?

Attempt no 1: Clowdy shape and I already said 'Do I need some loyang or something?'

 Attempt no 2: Ok. I think I need to be more gentle.

 Attempt no 3: OMG! How to turn this without ruin it?!

 Attempt no *unknown*: Cried for Hubby and he helped with it. I have to make sure that I use small heat and the upper part of it a bit cooked before turn it over. Haha :P


Not that hard though. Cewah :P But for sure will do it again :)

1 comment :

easternC said...

fast recipe for pancake...
1 mug (mug/cup/kole) of all purpose flour
1 mug of milk
1 big egg..
blend everything together in a blender (yes blender)
pastu siap lah...
garam optional.. i like it tawar so that i can eat it with maple syrup/Hershey choco/honey :D