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Friday, February 25, 2011


Yeay! Berjaya!

I went home early today and straight away go to groceries down our home. Bought the ingredients (half chicken, daun limau purut, cili padi, lengkuas, serai, batang saderi) I love to buy it here compared to Jusco/Cold Storage/Carefour. You know why? Because I can bargain of how much of every ingredients I want. Like 'Kak, saya nk batang saderi ni 1 je boleh?' or 'Kak, saye nk daun limau purut ni 10helai je boleh?' The answer is always 'Boleh!' Haha.

Klu kat supermarket boleh nk bargain2 mcm tu? Tak patttt. Haha. It's kinda my second options after Chow Kit.  

Mangsa sebelum masuk dlm frying pan

Selamat sudah.

Dinner kami :)

This time around, it doesnt give me the ultimate satisfaction sbb ngelat disitu, gne rencah adabi. Next time gune rencah buat sendiri plak.

Well, as you can see there's a lot for two actually kn? But in actual we do eat a lot of lauk instead of nasi. So klu g memane tu, ktorg duk amek lauk setambun tp nasik ciput je :P

Okeh. Tomorrow morning is Pancake time!

ps: Hubby is playing NFS while Im blogging. It's how we spend our Friday nights :P Happy Weekands!

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