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Friday, February 25, 2011

Perihal Memasak

I am not a fond of cooking and I need mood to do it but ever since last week I have this temptations to try several recipe. Not that I am a bad cook neither a chef but cooking is not really my thing compared to clean up mess or doing laundry. Btwy, successfully cook Ikan Siakap Masak Stim last Sunday using Umie's receipe :)

Ituh rupe belom masak. Rupe lps masak ialah setelah masuk perut. Haha. Seriously forgot to take pictures before we eat because both of us was drooling looking at the fish :P

This week craving for Tom Yam plak and havent get the change to do it since it weekdays.

I called and ask several friends about the recipe but non of them successfully or at least ever done it. *Sigh* Dont want to ask Umie again. Konon nk buat without her knows la. Ceceh. 
Tom Yam pon belom buat dah berangan nak buat Pancakes plak. See the additional list at the bottom left?

Lalu dengan semangatnyer turun Coldstorage looking for the ingredients.

I get the recipe from si kasut tinggi kaler pink. Unfortunately buttermilk was not available, so gotta have to mix the yogurt and milk. 

Pancakes for tomorrow morning but tonight is for Tom Yam!

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