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Monday, December 20, 2010

Emosi sebentar

To be honestkan, after what happen with my wedding photo, I couldnt help myself from being sad looking at others pictures wedding. It reminds me I wont have my own album, my big wedding photo frame and outdoor pictures.

It's not like I dont happy enough with what I have today (infact I feel blessed with such lovely husband), but to think back again, those pose and memories that my OP capture on my precious day wouldnt be printed out or at least saved in some hardware, makes me feel devastated.

Just so you know, I dont have OP on my engagement. Things happen on the very last minute where OP have to call it off. Jadi bile wedding saya, saya nk photo saya perfect. Ade album and everything. But things doesnt go with the plan.

Saya tahu saya boleh collect all the pictures taken by family and friends but saya give up. I'm not the kind that loves to do the hard work in terms on these things you know. Thats the point of having OP in the first place! Saya bukan tahap marah tapi sedih. Writing this down already buat saya sebak.

I keep on telling myself 'I have to get rid of this feeling' but I just cant at the moment. Hampir emosi sebentar when attended wedding last Saturday. Try not hide from hubby but I know he notice the sad face. Sorry dear.

Tapi saya memang sedih lah dengan what happen and I dont know how to get over it. Garr!

Shas dah bayar duit saya tp tolak rm250 sebab we demand the softcopy. Angah pegi kedai die just now tp tutup plak. Maybe esok. Hmm

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