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Sunday, September 12, 2010

12 September 2010

Dah xde ape nk update. Maybe after this update on Iphone, bedroom set, hantaran and fitting baju. Ouch..fitting baju this weekand. Kne work hard this whole weekdays. Chaiyok!

InsyaAllah this Friday night buat bacaan Yaasin and Solat Hajat kat umah for my parents to discuss on what the arrangement on the coming events, not to mention for praying His blessing and barakah for the wedding to come.

Kurma pun dah beli. Tunggu container datang and delivered.

Food for malam Solat Hajat, malam nikah, and reception pun da almost settle. Umie pon da bayar deposit for kenduri besar. The other two nights tu, ktorang just masak je. Mak Ndak will do the lauk pengantin.

Soon to check is on:
- packing doorgift malam nikah
- finish up VIP doorgif (to add pulut manis and lollipop, ouh..Umie beli this one sebab die ckp kiut.lolz)
- put on ribbon at lollipop since ade bnyk ribbon lebih
- adult doorgift (check with Mak Ndak)
- cake and chocolate hantaran (check with Mak Ndak)
- reminder call OP a day before nikah
- confirm again with Amy on when did the inai session
- facial? hurm.. ni xtau bile or sempat ke x buat tah
- baju his side pick up 2 days before the big day
- amek his ring to cuci (penting ni!!)
- collect bunga pahar with Kak Lin before went home for long holiday
- my baju kurung for hantaran

Less than 2 weeks before I become a married women.
Less than 14 days before I officially his ;)

Nervous tu tak sangat but I know that I am soo happy the day will come soon.

Ya Allah, pemudahkanlah segala majlis yang akan berlangsung pada minggu hadapan. Moga semuanya berjalan lancar dan diberkati olehNya. Amin :)

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