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Friday, September 17, 2010

16 September 2010

Having our last date together hari ni. We had our quality time at Midvalley to bring Mr. Fiancee for lunch at Delicious. 

It was his first time and the purpose should be a special dinner/lunch on me (he always be the one who paid the bills but this time dah agreed everything should be my treat :P) but turns out to be an iPhone tutorial. haha.

Later on we just walking around Midvalley to kill time we have before my facial appointment. Turns out we came across Kenko Fish Spa. We stood there watching the fish nibbles their customers feet and kinda thinking on whether nak buat ke tak. The last time I've done this was last year but I think I kinda swear that was my last time :P Hehe.

So I kinda insist Mr.Fiancee to give it a try but he said he wont do it unless we do it together. Ngaa...lame fikir okay but thinking of I love to give him his all new experience makes me do it twice. I swear I cried while doing the fish spa. It tickles till you cried. But I think Im better at it sebab Mr.Fiancee took almost 20minutes to actually let his entire foot in the tub. Haha :P

All in all its a special day for us. Been looking forward to more new experience with you. Thank you, love.

1 comment :

abrak said...

I had a great time too. Thank you love!