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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

22 September 2010

Ok. Saya sudah rse ke-bridezilla-an saya! Fuh..

I hardly sleeps last night. I dont know whether this is a symptoms of nervous of something. I dont feel nervous at all, infact I am soo happy looking forward for my big day. But I started to feel uncomfortable when I got the same question after every 5minutes. Lolz.

Td Amy dah call asking whether he can start decorating the dewan on Friday. Umie need to check on that but I guess, its okay je sbb xde orang gne dewan pun this week.

Hurm..what else penyebab ke-bridezilla-an saye terjadi. Oh..perihal bedroom set saye. They did come on Monday but they left few parts which my bedroom xsiap pon lagi! Ngaa..they promise to come back on Thursday for the new stock came in. Hopefully, they keep their promise la.

Okay. Malam ni facial session and both of my parents dah amek leave hari ni. Going to meet Mr.Fiancee untuk kesekian kalinya before this Saturday. Last day kije and I started to feel excited! Wheee~ Doakan majlis kami berjalan lancar yer ;)


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