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Monday, August 30, 2010

30 August 2010

Hari ini hari cuti dan Im home! Therefore, pergilah saya dan Umie saya menyetelkan hal kahwin. Just came back from Amy Bridals and manage to settle few things more:
- Mini pelamin
- Deco bilik pengantin
- Ukuran my baju

A side from that, Yaasin pon da collect and its pink! Pink bandung. Haha! Nmpk nyummy (puasa la katakan :P) Kurma xbeli lg sbb nk beli lmbt2 sket. Mak Tok will do nasik manis. Some people called it wajik. This to be inserted dalam paperbag mug tu. I might add in kerepek gunting Nabila (shhhh :P)

What else? Oh..Mr. Fiancee kne datang Kuantan jugak this Saturday sbb nk fitting his baju. If gne baju melayu die yg sedia ada, afraid lari. Thats what pro said :P

To be discussed this coming Saturday is:
- Pelamin
- His and Hers fitting
- Deco meja pengantin

Borang nikah from my side still pending sebab Tok Penghulu tak de kat rumah. So kne tunggu lagi lah ><

Anddd..handbag da beli!! Ohh..macam orang gile ble nampak Radley.

Lame btul nk decide. Sep bek Mr.Fiancee jenis sabar menanti (hugs!) Siap beli dua sebab xtau nk decide. Its not the kind of yang people used to buy for hantaran. Normally people opt to have more formal or yang ade bling sket but ini perempuan tak reti. Die mau yg macam koboi la,ape la. Sep bek Radley provide a very cute yet practical nyer handbag.

Malaysia punyer site xde lah but you can find it in Isetan KLCC and Robinson The Gardens. I would say Isetan have more choices but I guess that depends when you go there. Both handbag that we bought is the last item in Isetan KLCC. When I check again in Robinson, memang dah takde design tu. I dont know if other places sell Radley as well but I can say that the design is very neat and simple. Not the kind of makcik punyer okay ;)

Me and Umie visited a good friend of hers and she kinda help us with the preparation. She even give her tips on air (since we just make our own drinks for guest) the flow of nikah. Have you heard about this kind of adat johor where the father give away her daughter to her husband and he said something about the responsibility and some kind of advice after nikah? Cant remember what these two mommy said just now (Im just a learner yang ternganga and angguk2 mcm paham :P)

Just to hear she describe the situation dah makes me wana cry. Klu buat betul2? Aa..nangis confirm. But I kinda like the tradition so that we remember what the parents have done to raise ourself and be an adult. Kind of thing that she suggest that people should do. Biar meresap kedalam jiwa masa nikah tu. Thats what she said.

Mari pray saya tak menitik air mata. Sebak xpe :P

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