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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

8 June 2010

Susahnyer nk fikir title everytime nk update blog. So from now on, tulis tarikh je. Abeh cite. Haha! Bru update the checklist. Wey, bnyknyer xbuat lg! Aduh!

Ok! Mari focus what I can buy here while I can get it cheap:
1. His and Her Perfume and body care
2. His Belt and wallet
3. His Watch?
4. Her Watch
5. Her Handbag

I think if its really worth it, Im gonna buy it without doubt. But what makes me think twice is when the Mega Sale is coming this July! So camne tuh?

I did some homework today on bedsheet. I have an idea of getting it from Nabila as I know she can get it for me. Susah ok nk carik white bedsheet yg cantik + tak panas (as in comfortable to sleep) + sesuai for wedding! I googled that people can get it either at Sogo/Jusco. Parkson is no-no sbb xde choice.

Ok, We can add white bedsheet to Mega Sale shopping ;)

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