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Monday, June 14, 2010

14 June 2010

This is reminder for myself and Mr. Fiancee (sbenarnyer utk Mr. Fiancee ni sbb die slalu lupe. Hehe)

Boleh tak die lupe nk amek sijil kursus last weekand. Umphh.. bnyk plan xleh excute while Im in Brussels ni. Ingt da bleh amek HIV test before I fly tp mcm2 hal plak happen. If thats possible, sure Mr. Fiancee bleh siapkan borang kahwin for his side. But apparently its not happening.

Sijil kahwin akan di amek this weekand which right after Mr. Fiancee service his car.

Me on the other hand will straight back home in Kuantan after coming back to KL. I need to bring back my map for our wedding card and kipas! Yer, kipas saye rosak after blk Brunei. Ngade nk aircond kot. Haha! Ayah said if I want to repair it, it will cost almost the same I buy a new one. Urghh!! Its either cilok any kipas yg elok kat umah (cheapskate ini perempuan) or I just buy new one.

Ha..merah and bold lagi. Klu lupe gak xtau la :P

Another thing! Mr. Fiancee suppose to bank in deposit money for our room booking. Not sure if he did that today.

ps: Update on things already been done ;)

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