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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

29 June 2010

Seems like a lot of things has been finalized. We've done HIV test (finally! :P) Kompang pon da dapat. Erm..what else.

We have yet to finalized on:
- OP - strictly photo only. Album will be done by me dearest Fiancee. Both of us quite picky in choosing the right album. Haha. Instead he suggest we cut the cost and do it on our own. Jangan jadi mcm kad kahwin sudah, yer dear?

- Doorgift - aduyaii..yang ni indecisive btul la. Susah nk finalized.

- Wedding outfit for his reception - Cane ni dear? I'm thinking of using the one that we use for hantaran during engagement hari tu but Umie suggest to use colored one. Ni pon same issue cam doorgift. But we can ask Amy later.

- Rumah sewa - Haha! Mane mau cari?

- Deco hantaran - Yet to be discuss with Mak Ndak or else, plan B, I just deco on my own using fresh flowers. 3S! Simple Senang Santek :P

- Lauk pengantin during reception and lauk during nikah - TBC with my parents.

Barang hantaran carik time megasale! Whee~! Cant wait nk shop :D


abrak said...

3S. Simple, Senang. Santek?? Santekkkkk?

Unknown said...

santekkk. btul la!