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Monday, May 23, 2016

Potty training what?

*ALERT! Entry might be gross 8)

Guess who is nappy free now?? YES! My daughter finally off her diaper!! YEAYY!!

It was so sudden because we hadn't see it coming. We did incepting the idea on how good sister she is when she is not wearing diaper but we didn't really rush about it. Until last week, I purposely let her naked after shower (It was almost noon and I was busy cooking, plus it was a very hot day)

Suddenly she said 'Ibu!! Awah nk sheeshee(pee)' The sounds of it really surprised me but have to maintain cool and let her do her business. I wanted to look but she said I have to look away. So I eavesdrop and heard the golden sound. She is so happy that she yeay-ed herself and was very proud when she finish doing it. After she was done peeing, she called me to wash her, dried herself and not even a minute she rush back to the toilet saying she want to poopoo. Seconds later she came out and said 'Eh..tak. Awah kentut je' and I burst laughing! Haha.

I am so proud of my girl. Gosh, now I really understand why every mother making a huge deal of out potty training. Hahah.

She has been a week without diaper during the days. Well, she actually insisting of not wearing the diaper during the night as well but I still don't have the trust so I wait till she fall asleep and put it on her.

We learn a lot for the past week that:

1) She really can hold her pee and she WILL accidentally peed herself while watching her cartoons or playing with her friends if I don't remind her to pee. I sometimes have to tell her to pee after 2/3 hours even she said she didn't feel like going but she always end up peeing when I told her too. See.. this kid. Kalau x suruh mmg eksiden punye.

2) I forgot that she's off the diaper while doing errands at the mall the other day. She didn't say that she want go but she keep on saying 'I want to go back home' for 100th times, resulting she accidentally (again) wet herself right before entering the car. After few talks, then I know that she didn't know that she can use public toilet if she wants to. My bad for not telling her that she can do her business when outside home as well.

3) After learning No.1 I told her she has to wear back her diapers and she just said yes. It was tiring day and she peed herself 4times already that day. Then I feel bad about it because I read that we shouldn't be cynical to them (It is bad parenting and I've done it several times it becomes a habit :() so  I braced myself talking to her slowly and pujuk her wearing her panties again. Alhamdulillah it worked :)

Memang kne sgt bertabah for the past week, the cleaning part especially but I couldn't be more proud of her. She is an easy kid and I have to remind myself that how blessed I am to have her as my child.

And now she want to go to school and can't wait to make more friends. Huuu.. this is suppose to be a happy post but why I am sad laaa like this. Kids want grow up pun kenot meh T_T

1 comment :

orggilacinta said...

huahua.. katil kat umah aku ni byk kali dah kena kencing melati.. lencunnn... dgn aku2 skali tido dgn air kencing dia.. mmg parah la jenuh beb nak cuci. skrg ni dah 5 tahun pun dia ada gak terkencing kat katil waktu malam.. tp aku notice jd kalau dia tido lambat sebab aku bg dia layan youtube.. klo lebih je jam 11 mlm dia tak tido lg.. jgn harapla dia nk bgn kencing. so start dari tu aku dah xbg dia tgk youtube dah bila hari sekolah.. just weekwnd je boleh... pasal berak plak, dia skrg baru pandai wash sendiri.. tp aku kena sport cek slalu kotla tak bersih...