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Friday, January 3, 2014

Memburu Serigala Lagi

Baru nak cerita pasal Big Bad Wolf last December. Again, I'm not the one who did the hunting. Hubs went it alone and since it was open 7days/24hours, had made him went for 3 days in a row.

He spent more than 12 hours in that book sale, mostly at childrens area. Well, thats the main purpose pun. Children books mahal gile oi, especially yang involve sensory ni.

So, it wasnt a surprise if you see all Rauhah's book this time around.

All of her books until 5 years old (for now) :P

I dont have any request for books but I just let him choose any baking books that have free utensils. Haha.

Hers and His

I'm satisfied with his catch for Rauhah this time around. Dirt cheap and it involves activity with Rauhah. Most of the  books suits until 3-5 years old and I start it casually with teaching Rauhah's fine motor skill such pull and play, sensory touch and flipping the pages.

Rauhah punyer

Ni Babat bagi. Tenkiu babat!!

All these semestinya dibawah penjagaan orang dewasa. Kalau tak, inilah jadinya.

Koyak dan k├ępak =.="

It's a good thing that she loves book since baby but sometimes I just wish she didnt bring the book while I'm breastfeeding her or at least, not knocking on my face with that hard cover book while I'm sleeping.

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