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Monday, December 2, 2013


Being 24/7 with a child could really drives you nuts. One time you are laughing seeing your child with the talc all over her body. Then, within a split second you change to a tiger cause she purposely throw your RM3k smartphone on RM5k smart tab - ruining both of your fav gadget.

It's hard to be sane all the time cause you never knew what your child could drives you into. We are just the same and TRYING to be better is the least we could do.

I was busy preparing for lunch when suddenly Rauhah came into the kitchen and open up the cabinet to rummage everything inside. It is usual things that she did when no one attending her at the moment.

I saw her sneakingly grab one of the container and quickly close the cabinet door, running out from the kitchen - probably afraid of getting caught. I normally would say 'Rauhah, NO!' but decided to just watch and smile silently.

Not long after, she came back, with the same container that she took earlier and trying to put back into the place where she gets it. I was like 'wah... clever girl!!' and realized another achievement unlocked!

I just pat myself for not saying 'No' and acting appropriately towards her. 16 months still sounds like a baby but I think she could choose to behave when I treated her good. Positive act for positive result! You'll never knew what kind of surprise they will show to you and lets hope it'll turn up good :)

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