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Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Gateway - Legoland Malaysia (Part 2)

We reached around noon after preparing Rauhah's lunch at the hotel. I brought her food from home and cooked her porridge which took quite some time. No more parking issue unlike the first day and head straight to the water park after having our lunch at Old Town. It was smooth and hassle free on the second day. We enjoyed more in here compared to the Legoland itself.

We didnt manage to buy her proper swimming suit and myself forgot to bring my own which end up all of us wearing whatever we have in the suitcase. 

Rauhah was quite hesitant when we bring her at the raft river. She dont like it when the water run down to her face and seeing the (again) large-size Lego model scared her. We manage to distract her few times and she started to enjoy the water.

While Husband tried the ride in the water park, me and Rauhah spend the time at Wave Pool. Not long after, the rain started to came with thunder where the safe guard called everyone out. Everything was closed until God-knows-how-long. 

We sit under the Body Dryer. Luckily no one wanted to use the service and we sat there comfortably while everyone cramping themselves under the restaurant. Rauhah even manage to had her nap while wearing her wet cloths. Poor my baby but mommy's heat helped her sleep at ease.

I think it took more than half hour before the guards allowed everyone going into the water again and alhamdulillah no more rain afterwards. We played until 5PM and realized we need to take some pictures before the park closed at 6PM.

The changing room is very clean and comfortable. Surau is very near and convenient for all muslims. We are very pleased with the service and it's very family friendly.

We then continue to the Legoland park again - it closed at 8PM and we still have the time to explore the Legoland Express and Miniland.

Bye Bye Waterpark!

Queing for this train...

..chooo choooo!

Afterwards, we decided to go to JPO and Danga Bay but we are lost. Instead, we found Sekinchan Ikan Bakar and had a good Asam Pedas for dinner :D Tummy was full and we all decided to call it a day. 

Some pictures from miniland

We thought that we could go again before heading to Kuantan the next day but everyone was so tired and thinking we might drained out by the time we drove back home. So instead, we just had a rest on the last day at the hotel.

Falls asleep while touring the miniland

It was a happy vacation and if it's not because Husband already bought the ticket when I was pregnant with Rauhah, we wouldnt even step down to this place - not until our kids know how to appreciate this kind of park. 7 hours of driving is really tiring with a toddler but luckily we had a very good memories and shared quality time together :D


fatimah said...

XOXO...mak ngah

Mag said...

nanti dieorg dah pandai appreciate kita pergi sama2..ceyy..teringin nk pegi yang hello kitty tu

The wife said...

Aku nak g gak Hello kitty tuh! JOMM JOM!!