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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Terrible Twos

She throws tantrums when things doesnt goes her way. Like if she wants to hold her cup by herself without assistant and that means no help even I try to lift the straw for her. She starts screaming and crying or throw things on the floor.

I started to wonder what I've done wrong or at least trying to figure if she doesnt understand when I said no.

I googled about 'toddles and tantrum', and then something hit me - the 'terrible twos' myth.

Oh..gosh. Hers started so early at 14/15 months old and I almost lost count how old my toddler these days.

Well, this is just another part of growing up. Gotta keep the face straight and only curse inside T_T


Dils said...

LOL. Mine started at 10 months. At first I blamed myself. Well.. I sometimes still blame myself. Sigh. At least tak escalate lagi full tantrum throwdown di public place lagi.

Ade lagi 2 tahun kann. Haha

The wife said...


10 months?? Haiyohh.. Lets just wish the drama at the public will never happen, shall we? :P