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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Legoland Malaysia Review and Tips

Hotel Review

We had stayed at Princeton Hotel for RM100 per night. Tripadvisor really helps with this decision, despite the room is just enough for a King bed and a spot for one person praying. Room is clean and the staff is very polite and friendly. The place is also near to Aeon,Tesco and McD - less than 10-15 minutes walking.

The room is very basic and you can see the details in their FB

Please excuse the photobomb but here's our room looks like. This is Supreme King but smaller than shown in FB - the room just as big as the king bed with a small space for one person praying. TV is hanging on wall at the end of the bed.

Despite there is no fridge, hanger, iron or hair dryer, I can request it all without charges from the reception. I had brought Rauhah's food from home and they had help keep all the items without hesitant.

Free WiFi is also provided! Breakfast set is also affordable. I remember saw the price of RM5 for Nasi Lemak with 3in1 Milo.

All in all, it's a worth budget hotel with friendly staff! Definitely a recommended place to stay.

Tips to go Legoland:

Please bring:
- Umbrella/Hat: Prepare for rain and hot sunny day
- Sunblock
- Plain water
- Snack for you and kids

When bringing toddlers:
- Spare cloth for kids (and you if you want)
- Towel
- DiaperSSSSSS: Waterpark provide swimming diapers for kids under 2 years old upon payment
- Stroller:

Dont leave your stroller at the open area and make sure if you have to, leave it under a roof. Or bring together your raincover, if you have.

We left our stroller when we watched 4D without noticing the roof had a small space between the pillar and the roof. It was too late by the time the movie finish and our stroller was super wet. The second time is when we leave if during playtime at water theme park. It's just a shady roof top and the stroller still get splatter from the rain.

All sorts and sizes of kids life jacket.

It's still safe if you dont bring everything since Legoland provide everything as per listing above but it would be better if you could save up, dont you think?

The only thing I dont like about Legoland is poor management on handling issues (eg: car park ticket machine went down and it took time for the staff to react). Overprice food and stuff is normal when it comes to this kind of park, so please expect everything is double the normal price :P Other than that, it was a very convenient place for a family with small kids to have great time together; with a proper necessities like Baby Care and Family Toilet.

Check out the site for more details. Hope this helps for those who needs :D

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