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Friday, June 14, 2013

Glowing Green Smoothie

Peer influence - reason I tried this and simply do it for killing the curiosity. Hub was making fun of me while I'm blending and he smell it before I put banana and lemon. He said it smells like PUKE and I dare him to try it but he just won't. Haha.

Everything from Jusco je

Recipe taken from Kimberly Synder's. I am quite nervous how it'll turns out since I always hate celery and to my surprise, I love the freshness that it gave to my GGS. Love it too bits!

More please :)


easternC said...

sedap keR? both of u, hold a reunion, and make this Dare Glowing juice!!! hahahahaha ~ mesti best... lol kene plak kalau abrak yg minum... wahahahahahah mesti his face yg turn green!!

The wife said...

kalau face je tuka ijau xpe kerel. jangan muntah ijau sudah! AHAH

DaLiLa said...

i want it..hi3..cm sdp je k.long..^_^

The wife said...

sedap kak. buat detox and elok utk kulit :) nnt try lah.

Hani said...

omg abrak what a loss GGS tastes real good wehhhhhh kne minum omnomnom

btw you both i hate this words verification thing. you know im not robot.

The wife said...

zek, it's abrak punye kije verification tu. aku pon benci natang2 tuh.