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Monday, April 15, 2013

8 months Rauhah


1) She sounds more of arhhh, meeeee, diiiiiiii and buuuuuuu

2) Knows how to throw tantrums when things doesn't get her way

..because I dont want to pick her up :P

3) Super active and would stays awake for play. Sleeps only when she is really tired and sleepy.

4) Crawl and standing like a pro :8
Fav spot

5) Pick up stuffs like a pro too! That includes cookie chunks on the floor -_-"

6) We are now preparing her to swimming class somewhere around this month but that depends how well she could cope with running water on her face. We have tried this since last two weeks. At first she was like gasping for air everytime I put water on her face but things are getting better this week. She could cope with the water on her face but still tangling her dear life on my arm. Sokay sayang, no rush :)

Muka baru lepas kene 'lemas' :P

Whatever it is, have your own pace and please always be healthy okay! and be a good girl too!

Ibu and Abi loves you banyak banyak!!

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