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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Demam Campak Palsu

Tak sangka demam pun ade palsu.

Rauhah had fever on last Thursday. She was fine that morning but her body suddenly getting warmer by end of the day. Not too sure how long does she had this since Uda bring back home from babysitter the day before. Normally I would have asked babysitter right away if something is wrong. Uda said she was sleeping all the way from babysitter's house and I thought she's fine. She wakes up around 8pm and played for a while. I started to feel her head was warm but Hub's said 'Ok je', thinking it must have been me. She sleeps well that night till the next morning.

I'm on leave Thursday cause Rauhah scheduled for her vaccin injection but before going, I checked her temperature was 38degrees but she's still happy all the way till we reached PCMC. As usual, she had her normal weight and height measurement, also her temperature checked. Guess what? Her temperature raised to 39degrees!! She quickly been prescribed for suppositories and inserted into her bum. Tak nangis okay! Proud sekejap.


We had our turn and Dr.Anthony said that there are few possibilities:
1) Campak tiruan
2) Penyakit kuku-tangan-kaki-mulut
3) Dengue
4) Gigi nak tumbuh

He can't give guarantee which one is right but high chances are is the first possibilities since she had few small rashes at the back. He advised to monitor her temperature and come back on Saturday if she still unwell. Meanwhile, he prescribed two meds (2.5ml for Brufen and half of suppositories) It's a choice wether to take both but he advice to take one (Brufen when she's awake and suppositories when she sleeps) at a time. Jangan membazir katanya.

She skipped her vaccin injection and we need to reschedule when she's fine. Our day was fine until that evening where she gets cranky and at the same time she don't want anyone else. She falls asleep around 10.30pm but tak lena. I breastfed her while hug her tight, until I fall asleep myself. Wakes up several times in between cause she's not comfortable with the heat she had. Damp towel on her head but the heat never went away, infact it's 40 degree by 1.30am!! Rauhah lembik sangat masa ni. Such a heartbreaking moment cause I feel helpless T_T

We rushed to ER and the doctor came, asking the last time I gave her med (I only gave her one time Brufen around 5pm and the suppositories at 10.30pm). She then been damped with cold sponge all over her body. She cried and seems miserable, like it's too painful for her. I just had take her close to me,rather then letting her lying down on the bed crying while the nurse doing her job which end up half of my cloths are wet. The nurse then leave us for about more than half hour before came back to check her temperature. This time it's 37.3degree. The doctor came and prescribed different med for Rauhah. He also said the same thing like what Dr.Anthony said - to bring her back to ER on Saturday if it's getting worst.

This time 2.7ml

We reached home around 4.30am and she refuse to sleep. She just want me to carry her and don't even let me to sit. Feeling exhausted, both of us sleeps while sitting on the couch. I wake up with the backpain (plus it has been a restless day) and decided to sleep in bed but she cries again, this time non-stop. I ran out of idea what to do till I soaked her into her tub, changed her diapers and cloths but nothing works. Imagine I do that while she's crying T_T

She then fall asleep, probably tired, by 7am. After hours of struggling, I finally could sleep but she refuse to have anyone else but me. So we both falls asleep, hugging to each other. We woke up around 9am and she seems okay though the fever still there. Hubs then asked to damp her again with warm water, let her naked, gave her Paracetamol and alhamdulillah, no more fever but BUT the rashes are getting worst - all over her body :(

I googled and asked few other friends that it is normal. Some reading mentions it's a good sign that their body are reflecting to whatever bacteria around them. Even her paed also warns about it earlier. The rashes are gone by two days and now she continue her explorer in the house. She's now a healthy and happy baby but mommy are down with fever the day after *cough.

Watching your child suffer through an illness is never easy. But getting sick is just one part of growing up -- and an important one.


Unknown said...

betol tu beb..time ank demam ni kite mmg pnt sgt2..kelam kabut xtentu arah dgn ssh hati risaunye lagi..aku dh rase ms ddk dlm hospital sebulan tu..perghhh letih xtau nk ckp la..sbb xdpt nk bpantang betol2 mase tu end up skang bdn aku slalo sgt sakit2..cpt letih..tp bile tgk bby kita dh sihat so terus ilang rase penat2 tuh kn..

orggilacinta said...

Tuhlakan... kalo anak demam cmtula.. ko jgn lorr bercintooo nk tidooooo.. hahaha.. restless.. kite semua dah merasa pengalaman tu..aku siap minum kopi dulu eh.. sbb tau mlm nnt jd mcm tu.. exciting experiences.. smoga anak2 kite nnt jadi anak yg berguna... amin..