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Monday, April 15, 2013

Sleepy Rauhah

Al-kisah malam tadi yang menahan mata dan nak main manjang. She normally sleeps around 7.30pm and I already tucked her in since 8pm; numerous times in between that time to 11pm but she would get cranky and that really test my patience. She's still at her clingy phase and I'm super tired when she refuse to sleep even the sign already shows that she is super sleepy.

I read that you should not hold your baby when you are angry so I leave her with Angah to layan (whatever) her needs. She continues to play but her eyes still searching for me and whenever our eyes met, she would give her best smiles. Macam pujuk pun ye jugak tapi mak masih angin and there's a LOT of chores needs to be done; folding my cloths that has been occupied our space in front of tv since morning, clearing laundry, ironing cloths, pack her school bag and solat and yet she still refuse to sleep tho she already rubbing her eyes numerous times.

I decided to take shower before going to bed (again) and she FINALLY falls asleep! Itupun tertido sambil tangan nak ambil kunci motor Abi die. Haha.
Look how sleepy she is this morning..

.. I kissed her hard on her cheeks, hugged and tossed her left to right, take off her pants but she just cant open her eyes!

Hahaha.. funny la. This is the time when I remember a quote saying 'Motherhood is something you could enjoy when your baby is sleeping'

True indeed :p

1 comment :

orggilacinta said...

hehe.. bila jd mcm ni kdg kesian kat anak kite ni. very helpless.. anak aku kena marah nangis2 sedih pun nakkkk jugak carik aku.. buat perangai.. alih2 pastu tidoo... bila die tido kesian plak tgk die kne marah td..